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I believe, as the men of The Apostolic Promise, we need to be strong spiritual leaders!My vision and goal is for this ministry to create spiritual leaders and warriors. Then for them to develop other spiritual leaders and warriors, as revival blesses us with new souls. I want to see our men to become so strong, as warriors of the faith, that nothing can penetrate the bond that binds us together. I believe that if the men of The Apostolic Promise Church become as strong as they can be and bind together with the other ministries of the church, that we will become a mighty army that is marching forward and will not be defeated!!!! If you are a man of The TAP and are not a part of this powerful ministry, I encourage you to join our ranks and become another link in the chain. I promise, you will not be disappointed!



    The Guest Follow Up ministry is an integral part of making our guests feel comfortable and honored when they visit TAP church. Sister Ladonna Glenn’s team oversees recording the first-time guests.  On Monday nights, she has a team that helps her make handmade cards and gift bags that will be given to our first time church visitors during the week and she prays over each one as to what to put on the card.

    These are a few of the items that are hand-made, carefully and prayerfully prepared. 

    Anyone interested in investing your time in this ministry can talk with LaDonna and she can assist you in getting involved as quickly as possible.



      CMI, or TAPs Campus Ministry International, is exactly what the name implies; an Apostolic -based campus ministry at Southeast Missouri State University. Their on-campus ministry is open to all 10,000 graduate and undergraduate students currently enrolled. Sister Kaitlyn has personally taken many life-changing missions’ trips to Haiti. She is majoring in English Lit at SEMO, minoring in both French and TESOL, and hopes to one day teach English as a second language in a French-speaking country.


      Her efforts are currently focused on the Tuesday night Bible Studies that are held each week in the Red Hawks Room, located on the fourth floor of the University Center. Taking her cue from Acts 2:39 “For the promise is unto you, and to your children, and to all that are afar off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call”, it is her desire to share the promise of God with all the students SEMO university and make disciples who will go beyond the campus to deliver to the world knowledge of the Gospel, and the everlasting love of God.



      Brother and Sister Roberts help to further Pastor and Sister Lees vision for the future of our congregation and our community by developing and providing the use of print materials and media in order to communicate with and reach our current and future members. They are motivated and encouraged by scripture, including Proverbs 29:18 “Where there is no vision, the people parish”, and Brother and Sister Roberts ministry provides many opportunities for our members to serve through Promotions, including the Weekly Bulletin, Business Cards, designing of flyers, postcards, door hangers, or even helping with the website, social media, PowerPoints, videos, or motion worship.


      The Roberts were blessed to raise their children at TAP church under the ministry of Pastor and Sister Lee and all three of their children currently are active in different TAP ministries.



        Recovery is a ministry geared towards helping each one of God’s people that need help processing and moving past any traumatic situations. They cover wide-spread topics, such as, suicide, divorce, PTSD, alcohol/drug dependency, trust issues, rejection, self-harm, institutionalization, bullying, grief, rape, depression, anxiety, anger, self-worth, gambling, pornography, eating disorders, co-dependency, gang life, church hurt, etc. The ministry of Recovery is a safe place to discuss any topic without being judged. Recovery meets every Monday night, in the lower kitchen of TAP church at 6:30 p.m. They begin with a home-cooked meal, followed by a topical and relevant discussion. Transportation is provided as needed.

        Time: Monday 6:30PM

        Place: Lower Kitchen at The Apostolic Promise Church

        Phone: Ryan -573.270.6585 | Jennifer - 573.275.34759




        TAPs Outreach Ministry is a multi-faceted community-based evangelism. Tap’s Outreach is a thriving because it is interwoven into all of the other ministries. The Outreach Ministry and its members are involved in teaching many Home Bible Studies, as well as sponsoring several Block Party events throughout the calendar year. Also included in this Ministry are the door-to-door outreach teams (that knock on every possible door city-wide, multiple times a year), the bus and van ministry (transportation for anyone who needs it) and a team of volunteers who teach in Nursing Homes in our community.


        If you would like the opportunity to be involved in Outreach, contact Brad McWhorter, as volunteers are always needed and welcome.



          Bro. Michael and Sis. Beth are a young couple who feel blessed to call The Apostolic Promise their home church. They've answered the call of the Lord for their lives to fill the leadership role of the Spanish Ministry, which is to reach, teach, and make disciples of the Spanish speaking community in Cape Girardeau, MO. Their vision is to reach the whole community in their language and culture so that they can share and spread the gospel with their loved ones in other cities, states, and even countries. Sis. Beth (Belén in Spanish) grew up in Southern California as the daughter of a Spanish Pastor of a small home missions church of the faith. Bro. Michael grew up in a Pastors home in Southeast Missouri but has always felt a special love and appreciation for the Hispanic peoples. Now, they have joined together with the burden and prayers of The Apostolic Promise Church and hope to fulfill God's will in this ministry.

          Hno. Michael House y Hna. Beth House Líderes del Ministerio en Español

          El Hno. Michael y la Hna. Beth son una pareja joven que se siente bendecida de llamar a la Iglesia La Promesa Apostolica su hogar. Ellos han respondido al llamado del Señor de que sus vidas llenen el rol de liderazgo del Ministerio en Español, que es alcanzar, enseñar y hacer discípulos de la comunidad de habla hispana en Cape Girardeau, MO. Su visión es alcanzar a toda la comunidad en su idioma y cultura para que puedan compartir y difundir el evangelio con sus seres queridos en otras ciudades, estados e incluso países. La Hna. Beth (Belén en español) creció en el sur de California como la hija de un pastor de una iglesia pequeña Hispana de la fe. El Hno. Michael creció en casa de un pastor en el sureste de Misuri, pero siempre ha sentido un amor especial y aprecio por la comunidad Hispana. Después de casarse, sintieron aún más fuerte de que el Señor tenía un plan para ellos de trabajar con los hispanohablantes. Ahora, se han unido a la carga y las oraciones de la Iglesia La Promesa Apostólica y esperan cumplir la voluntad de Dios en este ministerio.



          Bridgett has attended TAP church for eight years and is currently enrolled at SEMO studying Early Childhood Education. The Missions Ministry’s purpose is to keep the local congregation appraised of opportunities to support many different evangelistic efforts around the world. Missions team supports missions in every way possible, by giving financially, through prayers, and by going. TAP also supports missionary families on a monthly basis through Partners in Missions (PIM). We encourage our youth to go on trips around the world every summer (via AYC or MOYOM). In 2019 TAP organizing it’s first local missions’ trips as a church, in Sullivan, Missouri. The long-standing goal of our Missions team is to exceed our previous year’s missions offering and continue to sponsor trips local and abroad.

          You can get involved by giving financially, praying for our missionaries, or going on a mission trip yourself.

            bridgett and eric.jpg

            PRAYER TEAM

            LYNN HADLEY

            The vision of the prayer team is to equip, enable and encourage the saint of God to pursue a deeper prayer life. We strive to create an army of intercessory prayer warriors, ready to go to battle. Together we will stop the divisions in our families, our church and our community.


            If you want to be involved, please contact Sister Lynn.

            HANDS OF HOPE

            ALICIA ARNOLD

            Hands of Hope (HoH) is a new ministry focused on reaching the homeless, along with helping those in need. HoH provides care packets containing personal hygiene products, clothing, blankets, and non-perishable food items. HoH’s goal is to help individuals reintegrated into society. The long-term goal for HoH is to help homeless individuals by procuring housing and/or jobs, while also providing them with the necessary information and tools to satisfy their spiritual needs.


            We are always looking for donations in the form of non-perishable food, drinks, hygiene products, or financial donations. Please contact (573) 334-0745 with any questions.

              MEN'S GROUP

              JAMES HUGHES

              I The goal of the Men’s Group is to create a strong spiritual atmosphere that will aid in the shaping and supporting of spiritual leaders and warriors. Brother Hughes sees the tide of revival approaching and strives to create bonds so powerful within our congregation, that nothing the outside world can throw against us will even make a dint. “We must become the mighty army God has called us to be, always marching forward, and never being defeated! If you are a man of TAP, and are not yet part of this powerful ministry, you are encouraged to join the ranks, and become another indispensable link in the chain!” – James Hughes.

                SEASONED SAINTS (50+)

                DANNY & DEBI WINEINGER

                A Seasoned Saint is for our 50+ group. Generally, the Seasoned Saints have been through a few more years of spiritual growth, having experienced trials and tribulations, along with joy and triumph. The Wineinger’s goal within this ministry is, to share their wisdom and knowledge while guiding those traveling a similar path.


                Their group meets quarterly on Saturdays from six to eight p.m. to enjoy delicious food, fun games, and great fellowship during their themed pot-luck style meals, including Mexican, Italian, and their personal favorite, the annual Fish Fry. All who fit this age category are welcome to join in the fun.

                YOUNG MARRIEDS 

                TRENT & KARLA MORGAN

                Friendship is an integral part of life, and this ministry’s purpose is to bring young married couples together in a well-structured Christian environment. The Morgans hope that through this ministry strong and lasting friendships will be forged.


                The married couples group tries to meet periodically throughout each year for different events and activities, such as the annual marriage retreat, various game nights, and dinner outings. This life is much more enjoyable, when we can share both the struggles and victories with friends who truly have our best interests at heart.

                  BIBLE QUIZZING

                  LADIES GROUP

                  SISTER KATHY LEE

                  Sister Kathy Lee considers it an honor and privilege to help each lady navigate this life, on their journey towards Heaven. Sister Lee's vision is to add new ladies to our group and help each lady to grow to new heights in their relationship with the Lord.


                  At the beginning of the year a “friendship” basket is passed around. Those participating drawing names, and as each lady receives the basket, she then fills it with trinkets and goodies for the lady whose name she drew. The Ladies Group gets together many times throughout the year, going on shopping trips, to the Muny, and enjoying unique places to eat together. The true highlight of the Ladies Group is the Missouri District Ladies Conference, where the Lord moves tremendously. Lives are changed and enriched through the women who minister each year.

                  SISTER KATHY LEE

                  Bible quizzing is a ministry involving our children and youth, designed to plant the Word of God in their hearts. This ministry also serves to develop and encourage good sportsmanship, quick-thinking, and memorization skills among its members. Every month a tournament is held, giving our children the opportunity to fellowship with many like-minded young people on a much wider scale. Many quizzers go on to accomplish great things through and for God, such as becoming Sunday School Teachers, youth Pastors, missionaries, and even Pastors. TAP church usually hosts the Lonnie Brown Memorial Invitational held during the month of May; fifty or more teams from across the state of Missouri and neighboring states attend. Everyone is invited and encouraged to come and experience this amazing event, when our building will be filled with young people quoting hundreds of scriptures throughout the day.

                  If you ever have an interest or questions about this powerful, effective, and life-changing ministry, feel free to contact us, and we will be glad to assist you in any way possible.

                  BEAUTIFICATION TEAM

                  DAVID WHITMORE

                  The church beautification team consists of highly motivated and industrious members who delight in “working” for the Lord. This teams activities and accomplishments are integral. The dedicated members work throughout the year to keep the building clean. Through the burden and desire of these active members, our church is able to adequately meet the needs of the people coming to our location.


                  TIM LEE

                  Pastor Timothy Lee, along with his beautiful wife, Sister Kathy Lee, both possess a strong passion to personally minister to each person who visits our congregation. Their respective passions were fueled by their travels during their evangelistic eight-year tour, wherein they visited thirty-three states, and twelve separate countries. They experienced a menagerie of cultures, races, and ethnic groups throughout their tour and witnessed over eight thousand people receive the gift of the Holy Ghost during the revivals they attended, which in turn only helped their collaborated ministry ideals to expand. Similarly, they were afforded the opportunity to preach in some of America’s largest Pentecostal churches, inspiring their vision of a thriving Pentecostal church right here in the fair city of Cape Girardeau, which resulted in The Apostolic Promise (TAP) church of today and of the future.


                  Pastor Lee obtained a degree in Theology from Liberty University, while Sister Lee acquired her degree in Communication Disorders from Southeast Missouri State University. Pastor and Sister Lee have been blessed with two wonderful children, both of whom are highly involved in different areas within our congregation including Sunday School and Youth ministries. Pastor Lee’s favorite use of his “free time” is to spend quality time with his beloved wife and dear children.

                  MUSIC DIRECTOR

                  KATHY LEE

                  Worship and praise are used biblically to set the stage and to usher in the ever-craved presence of the Holy Ghost before the preaching begins and during the alter call. The adult choir and music department of TAP is headed up by Sister Lee and includes 20+ Praise and Worship singers plus 6 musicians. The music department is also responsible for the developing and performing of dramas, skits, mini-dramas, and cantatas throughout each year, including a special performance given by one member every Sunday night. Also, under the music ministry are our children’s junior choir, and junior and senior sign-language choirs. Sister Lee’s hope for the coming years is to witness the Holy Ghost being poured out at phenomenal levels and allow the supernatural to occur at TAP. To God be the Glory!

                  YOUTH PASTOR

                  DAVID & BRITTNEY PETERS

                  Rev. and Mrs. Peters are dedicated to every young soul at TAP Church; they are committed to their success, both in and outside the church environment. Rev. Peters, while in attendance, started a local campus ministry here at SEMO University, wherein they experienced a wonderful harvest of over 80 first-time guests to both church and bible-study sessions, including students from 10 different countries. Of those in attendance, 10 were baptized in Jesus’ name, and 19 received the gift of the Holy Ghost! These personal achievements inspired Brother Peters and his lovely wife to accept the role as Youth Pastor in March of 2017, where their obvious anointing shines and their dedication to the cause of the Kingdom is evident, making us all excited to see what their ministry holds for all in the future!

                  Brother Peters earned a Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity, while Brittney earned her degree in Interior Design, both from Southeast Missouri State University.

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                  CHILDREN'S MINISTERS 

                  JOBI & TIM HAMPTON

                  The souls of all our children and their spiritual guidance and growth are of the utmost priority at TAP church, which is made evident by the enumerable opportunities afforded our children. We possess a qualified and passionate staff of over 30 teachers, aides, and coaches that diligently work with our adolescent souls in order to encourage excellence in all aspects of their young lives! The Christian Education Team provides multiple opportunities to be involved in the highly successful Bible Quiz Program, where our five age-appropriate teams are continuously ranked within the top teams in the state of Missouri. We also offer the chance to join our sign language teams, and many extracurricular activities throughout the year; including camp meetings, Father-Son camping trips, Block Parties, Junior Choir, Field Trips, Picnics, Game Nights, etc.

                  Jobi’s mother was brought to church as a child through a bus ministry. Her mother's experience has fueled a fire for the Hamptons to reach as many children in Cape Girardeau county as possible. We currently have 7 vans and shuttles bringing “Promise Kids” to church on Sunday mornings and “Wacky Wednesday” services.

                    ASSOCIATE PASTOR 

                    DAVID WHITMORE

                    Brother David Whitmore does not consider being Associate Pastor as a title or position, but rather as a ministry to serve where God has called him. Bro. Whitmore was baptized and filled with the holy ghost at the age of nine years old, but it wasn't until the age of forty-two when God called him into the ministry. Brother Whitmore counts his service under Pastor Lee to be an honor and privilege. Brother Whitmore also oversees the organizing and managing of the beautification team and guides the Hands of Hope ministry. His hope is that through his blindness, he can be an inspiration to all.

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